Enrich Your Body With Nutrients

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So many of us live hectic, busy lives. Although quick-fix meals and fast food are convenient, they don't provide our bodies with the correct amount of vitamins and minerals.

Beauty Bar Aesthetics in Mason City, IA offers a practical solution to this problem: Liquivida IV therapy. Our well-stocked IV bar is the perfect place to give your body targeted nutrients. All single-dose vials are produced by 503B FDA-regulated pharmacies. Visit us today to learn more.

Get the nutrients your body needs to feel its best with IV Therapy

We offer a range of IV nutrient formulas. These include:

Rise and Shine: gives the body hydration and vitamins to help get rid of a hangover
Executive: improves mood and energy levels and boosts the immune system
Glutathione: reduces systematic inflammation to help slow the signs of aging

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