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Offering chemical face peels in Mason City, IA

Beauty Bar Aesthetics in Mason City, IA offers five different chemical peel treatments manufactured by the Vitality Institute. VI Peels are a unique blend of 5 acids designed to target multiple conditions. Blended peels are superior to single acid peels. Two of these peels, VI Peel and VI Peel Purify, have been approved for use by girls ages 13 and older. This means that these chemical face peels can be used to help teenagers suffering from acne or facial scarring.

Of course, we don't just work with teens. Each of our chemical peel treatments is formulated for different benefits and results. Call today to find out which is right for you.

3 benefits of chemical peel treatments

3 benefits of chemical peel treatments

VI Peel is pain-free, safe for all skin types and was voted Most Worth It by RealSelf. Vitality Institute has also partnered with Penn Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins University and many other prestigious medical establishments. This Peel is so gentle that it is the only peel safe to treat delicate areas of the face, such as underneath the eyes. It is also painless and requires minimal downtime.
The VI Peel uses a unique combination of 5 synerggistic ingredients for optimal skin renewal:

  1. Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) – smooth’s deep scars and stimulates Collagen growth
  2. Retin-A – softens fine lines and moderate wrinkles
  3. Salicylic Acid – exfoliates the tissue and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent
  4. Phenol – treats deep lines and creases
  5. Vitamin C – an antioxidant used to brighten the skin

The VI Peel has several benefits over the other chemical peels on the market. The treatment is virtually pain-free; only a slight tingling sensation is felt during the application. There is no downtime required after the VI Peel; patients are free to return to work or school. The peeling process is light and can be masked with a moisturizer, if needed. Finally, unlike harsher treatments, the VI Peel is safe for all ages, skin types, and ethnicity.